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Piled FOundationsA pile is a type of foundation commonly used in property construction. Piles are used as a substitute for other foundation methods when earth around the property isn’t strong enough to support conventional foundations. Piles are used to stack up more layers of soil and keep them walled in, providing a firmer base.

In the past piles have been made from wood and other naturally occurring materials. Modern piles are made using reinforced concrete and pre tensioned concrete. In the following article is information about some tried and tested piled foundation methods.

Driven Piling

Driven Piles can be made from different materials. Steel or wood can be used to make the piles but concrete is usually used. Driven piles are a popular solution as they can be adapted to fit different properties.

An advantage of piles is that they can be arranged into different shapes to match the property they are designed for. Typical shapes when using concrete include squares, octagons and rounded cross sections. These shapes are usually reinforced and made from pre stressed concrete to provide extra support.

Pile FoundationsDepending on the material used piles can be constructed using different techniques for different purposes. Wooden piles are used less commonly today and are made from tree trunks. In the past wooden piles were spliced together if required. Steel piles are formed into pipe piles or beam arrangements. Steel piles are still spliced today and concrete piles can be spliced if required although it is quite a difficult procedure.

Ready made piles are available to order. They are usually laid in the ground using compressed air tools such as hydraulic hammers. If required they can also be laid using a pile driver attached to a drag line excavator.

Piled Walls

Piled walls are constructed using bored piling methods. Piled walls can provide a distinct advantage when basement excavation faces must be vertical. Piled walls provide highly durable support even for water holding constructions.

Piled walls are constructed in a manner similar to foundation bearing piles. When walls are being constructed in close proximity to each other they need small gaps in between the piles. The size of the gaps will vary depending on the type of soil the piles are being placed in.

Depending on the type of job being carried out and the natural features of the construction ground different kinds of walls can be constructed. Secant piled walls can be either hard/hard, hard/intermediate or hard/soft depending on the job required.

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