Excavation and Groundwork

Due to the danger surrounding plant hire equipment the pieces need to be properly handled and you must have a full knowledge of how to work the vehicle/tool before attempting any work. Even with the smaller tools that seem harmless, even if you know how to use them correctly, can cause damage to you when White Fingers Due To Vibrationsusing it, for example the hand held pneumatic drill can cause the person using it to have hand arm vibration syndrome. Some of the symptoms of hand arm vibration syndrome are;

If these symptoms aren't recognised early on then you could be left with permanent numbness in your fingers. Some ways to prevent this syndrome are:

Another common problem in this line of work includes:

Ways of preventing this are:

If you don't have the right qualifications to work with the tools you need to use hire some one who does to complete the work for you never attempt it your self.

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