Excavation and Groundwork

Excavators are used to excavate large quantities of earth and for other jobs on construction sites. Excavators can do the manual work of ten or twenty people in much less time by one person alone.

An ExcavatorExcavators have been in use since the nineteen thirties and ever since are a staple site on almost all construction sites. Whatever you are aiming to do on your construction site there’s an excavator or combination of excavators that can help you to achieve it.

Excavators are available in many different designs for different jobs. To help you find the right solution for your job we’ve provided a quick low down of some of the excavators available.

Dragline Excavators

Dragline excavators are used on site for excavating earth. Unlike other excavators which rely on the strength of the arm to excavate earth dragline excavators use pressure applied through a cable to literally drag earth from the ground.

Dragline extractors come in different sizes for different jobs. Large dragline excavators are mainly used in surface mining amongst other operations whilst the smaller ones are used for civil engineering jobs such as road works and road construction.

The dragline excavator functions by using a large bucket which is suspended form a large truss. Using cables and chains the bucket can be controlled to a high degree of accuracy. Different ropes are used to control the horizontal and vertical movements which can take a little time to get used to.

Long Reach Excavators

An ExcavatorLong reach excavators are a development of the classic excavator design but with an extended arm (hence the name). Long reach excavators are also known as high reach excavators as they can be lowered and raised to reach varying levels of terrain making them useful for reaching hard to access areas of the site.

Whereas a normal excavator is used for moving mounds of earth and digging ditches a long reach excavator is adapted perfectly to deal with demolition jobs. The extended arm is great for reaching up to higher levels of buildings and hooking onto them. Once the arm has found purchase it can then be used to drag the building down through all its floors.

Using this method demolition can be achieved (or partially achieved) without the use of explosives. Using the extended arm buildings can come down in a more manageable manner with less debris being scattered. This means fewer personnel are needed, less security procedures and less of an impact on the surrounding environment.

Long reach excavators have almost entirely replaced the now antiquated wrecking ball as the method of choice for demolition. Long reach excavators are also a good alternative to wrecking balls when there is little room to manoeuvre as empty space isn’t required to swing the ball.

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