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Dump truck is a term broadly used to describe two different vehicles which are used on construction sites. Dumpers are small, one man vehicles used to carry loads of building supplies and waste to and from sites. Dump trucks are much larger vehicles which are used for transporting building materials to construction sites. The following is a brief overview of how dump trucks can help you on site.

Advantages of Using Dump Trucks

A Dump TruckDump trucks are useful for transporting large loads of loose building materials on and off site such as gravel, earth or sand. Dump trucks are instantly recognisable by the large box shaped container positioned at the back of the truck.

The container can be raised and lowered by hydraulics so that loads of aggregate can be dumped easily without having to be manually dug out of the container. The back door of the box is on hinges so as the weight of the material tips against the door it props open allowing for a controllable flow of its contents.

Different Kinds of Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are available in a variety of different specifications for different roles in construction and building supply. Here is a rundown of some of the most commonly used dump trucks on site.

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