Excavation and Groundwork

A BulldozerBulldozers first emerged during the nineteen thirties and since then have proven very popular for use in excavation and clearing sites. The original design for the bulldozer had proven to be a success in its field. Its hard wearing design was soon noted and became the inspiration for the first caterpillar driven tanks used in world war one.

Other heavy engineering vehicles are sometimes referred to as bulldozers. Bulldozers by definition are high powered caterpillar driven tractors with a fixed front dozer blade and ripper blade mounted at the back.

Advantages of Bulldozers

Bulldozers are large and heavy vehicles making them a good choice for demolition and clearing sites. Caterpillar tracks give bulldozers a distinct advantage allowing them to be surprisingly maneuverable for their extreme weight. The tracks have strong grips helping them to tackle uneven terrain. The tracks are also quite wide which helps to distribute their heavy weight preventing them from sinking in sandy or muddy ground.

A BulldozerBulldozers are renowned for holding their ground which gives them phenomenal strength for pushing and dragging obstructions in their path. Some models of tanks can even tow up to 70 tons of weight and are used for moving written off vehicles and military purposes as well as in construction and demolition projects.


The bulldozers main strength is clearly its weight. Using this weight and its two fitted blades bulldozers are capable of performing a variety of tasks. The two component blades are the dozer and the ripper.

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